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Hi All,

1.is free version suitable for small business startup ?
2.does 3 Page rules means, we can secure only 3 pages in website??
3. if my website is of 10 pages. For remaining 7 pages, if user will try to open the page (example https://website.com/contactus) in that case, will it be open or user need to put http instead of https.
4. In google search engine if webites’s link is reflecting which is not secured, so will it open in http or will show error.

Hoping for quick reply.

Hi @lovepreetok,

No, Page Rules do not affect the number of pages on your website that Cloudflare can protect. They can all take advantage of global features like ‘Always Use HTTPS’ which will redirect visitors to the secure version across your entire site.

Page rules allow you to customise behavior on specific pages (they can also match multiple pages with wildcards) like enabling or disabling a feature on a section of your site.

I would recommend starting with the free plan, which has a lot of great features, and then look at the higher plans if you find there are some needed features missing.

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