3 of 3 Free Sites stopped working

Initially I thought it was only one since that was the one I visited. So I moved it to Netlify and now it works. But two others are not working. My two paid sites work, however. I find this a bit odd. The sites that no longer work (as in just do not load at all - no error messages) have been functioning just fine until ? I’m unsure how long ago. They are sites I do not check on with the same frequency as I do my paid sites. They are, however, very important to me. One was a Christmas gift for my Mother, along with a ProtonMail account. The other is a Swiss domain (.ch not .swiss) that was my most recent. Setup was a breeze for both of the free sites still on CloudFlare. There have been no irregularities pointing to “website failure” for either. They just no longer work. They’re both used for custom ProtonMail Pro accounts as well, so not having to move them away from CloudFlare would be ideal. In other words, HELP!.

So, ~4 hours later, I had the idea to try connecting to the aforementioned two websites using ProtonVPN and the respective DNS servers ( for TCP or for UDP). And abracadabra! Just like that there they were. So, to summarize: When attempting to connect using any of CloudFlare’s DNS servers (whether plain,,, DoT, DoH, or WARP I am unable to reach my websites. But just the free ones, not the two I have on paid plans. So that’s not really a solution to the issue at hand but it is a clue for anyone at CloudFlare to follow if they choose to do a bit of debugging.

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