3 domains no longer with cloudflare, still captured by cloudflare, and down

I own 3 domains registered with Dreamhost.com.
I tried routing these 3 domains with Cloudflare to a notion page (using these steps: https://fruitionsite.com/)- but it did not work properly so I deleted my 3 domains from being managed by Cloudflare.
Now, all 3 domains DNSs are with my registar and no longer pointing at Cloudflare. My 3 domains are REDIRECT on the Dreamhost account “manage domain” towards notion directly. No routing through Cloudflare whatsoever.

All 3 websites are down and mentioning Cloudflare…

    • cesarharada [dot] com → Conection is not private → Proceed Anyway → Cloudflare Error 403 Forbidden
    • cesarharada [dot] info → Site not found
    • cesarjungharada [dot] com → Cloudflare Error 403 Forbidden

My guess is Cloudflare is exceptional are propagating DNSs for domains - even if I deleted my websites from Cloudflare…

I already deleted my website from Cloudflare. What can I do to regain control of my domain redirection? I have done all I can on the register side… Thanks!

I see that all three domains are using DreamHost DNS. Keep in mind that DNS can take up to 48 hours to propagate to all ISPs.

Your cesarharadaCOM site is http only, but then redirects to HTTPS at Notion. Notion uses Cloudflare, so any Cloudflare errors are coming through Notion’s Cloudflare integration.

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