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Rule expressions · Cloudflare Ruleset Engine docs

Rule operators and grouping symbols · Cloudflare Ruleset Engine docs

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Results seem to pass at the introduction of 3 conditions.

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Background: I have multiple APIs open for partners. Currently we control access in Azure WAF based off 3 conditions:

  • API (hostname) Vendor Needs
  • Vendor Source IP
  • URI vendor wishes to access

I am having issues replicating this behavior in Cloudflare with custom WAF rules. I seem to be able to get 2 conditions to work, but when I try to combine into a single expression/rule, the process breaks. For example, the following two independent statements work:

Host is test-api and ip source not in list:

http.host eq test-api.example.comand notip.src in $dep_val_list_01`

Host is test-api and URI is not:

http.host eq `test-api.example.com` and not `http.request.uri eq "/path/to/option1/test1" or http.request.uri eq "/path/to/option1/test2" or http.request.uri eq "/path/to/test3"

Both of the condition above have an action of “Block” associated with them. The intent here is to restrict/allowlist vendors to specific APIs/URIs and block everything else. I have multiple other api’s for various platforms we offer to our vendors. These all need their own specific logics as well (test2-api, test3-api"). These are all accomplished with multiple WAF policies in Azure.

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Error that occurs is that when a third condition is added to the statement set, everything seems to be allowed.

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Hi there,

If both expressions work individually and the action is set to block on both, to merge them into a single expression, you only need to separate it by OR

1st expression:
(http.host eq "test-api.example.com" and http.request.uri ne "/path/to/option1/test1") or (http.request.uri eq "/path/to/option1/test2") or (http.request.uri eq "/path/to/test3")

2nd expression:
(http.host eq "test-api.example.com" and not ip.src in $dep_val_list_01)

Combined expression:
(http.host eq "test-api.example.com" and http.request.uri ne "/path/to/option1/test1") or (http.request.uri eq "/path/to/option1/test2") or (http.request.uri eq "/path/to/test3") or (http.host eq "test-api.example.com" and not ip.src in $dep_val_list_01)

Take care.

So I tried this and it didn’t work. I ran through a few different iterations of it and in a single line expression, it just doesn’t seem to work at all. So, then I was curious what would happen if I defined it in 2 different rules and applied it like that. Interestingly enough, if I create 2 custom rules. It “appears” to work as intended. So for example:

Custom Rule 1:

(http.host eq "test-api.example.com" and not (http.request.uri eq "/path/to/option/test1" or http.request.uri eq "/path/to/option/test2" or http.request.uri eq "/path/to/option/test3"))

Custom Rule 2:

http.host eq "test-api.example.com" and not ip.src in $dep_val_list_01

I am still going through a bunch of test cases but so far, I’ve tried 3 different tests:

  1. Post request to test-api.example.com/path/to/option/test1 from an IP in $dep_vap_list_01 (success)
  2. Post request to test-api.example.com/path/to/option/test1 from an IP NOT in $dep_vap_list_01 (fail)
  3. Post request to test-api.example.com/path/to/option/test4 from an IP in $dep_vap_list_01 (fail)

So those 3 test examples seem to be working. I need to do some further testing.