+3.5s wating ttfb issue

The images on my WP website are served by a subdomain that pass the CF. But there is a problem with TTFB +3.5s for my image files.
I’ve created a page rules cache everything for this subdomain.

You can see this issue in the waterfall GTMetrix test below:

they was not cached by cf, you can see it by the header “cf-cache-status MISS”.
you need to test your origin why it so slow, as you cant count on cf to always have your files in the cache

hi @boynet2
my image cached by CF:

Request URL:https://cdn.mosije.com/media/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Reza-Bahram-Hich-150x150.jpg
Request method:GET
Remote address:
Status code:200
Referrer Policy:no-referrer-when-downgrade 

this Remote address is for CF. And there is another site on my server, but it’s not slow

it uses cf for sure, but to know if a a request was cached you need to look for the “cf-cache-status” header, if it says “miss” it wasn’t cache, if “hit” it was cached

I investigated this problem. The problem seemed to be the plugin (lazy loaded by rocket).
i use LS cache plugin lazy load image and this problem is solved.

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