2FA without phone?

Greetings CF enthusiasts,

I use 2FA when logging in to CF, except when I’m a dunderhead and leave my phone at work. Then, I can’t seem to find any way to log in. “Remember this device” doesn’t seem to work - I’ve tried four different PCs. And I can’t find a way to log in using the emergency backup code. Am I missing something? Once I enable 2FA, is there any way to log in when I am geographically separated from my phone?

You can use Authy on both mobile and desktop devices. Connecting multiple devices to same account is extremely easy.


Available for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. You can install Chrome extension as well.

It’s recommend 2fa app from Cloudflare (at least it was recommended when I first enabled 2fa years ago and I think it still is).


Thank you nikoloz. This is very helpful. I use Google Authenticator, but it looks like WinAuth should work for me.

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