2FA with Solokey fails

Hi there,

I have 2FA setup already with a Yubikey and wanted to add a 2nd key as backup. It’s a Solokey FIDO2 compliant key.

I went through the setup fine, but when I tried to login with it to confirm, I get the following error message:

Invalid security key used. Please use a security key registered to this account. (Code: 1058)

Any ideas?

This is still an issue, just tried again and same error.

Hi @ArmshouseGroup I noticed your ticket with Support, the Community cannot assist with 2FA, billing, or account issues, but I’ve added myself to your ticket and Support will assist.

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Thanks @cloonan I posted here more to see if anyone else had had a similar experience with Solokeys or could confirm if theirs worked OK. I’ll wait for a response from support. :+1:t4:

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