2FA Reset - Urgent


Our system admin has been left his job and we cannot sign-in to Cloudflare because its asking the 2FA code. We also contacted to old employee and unfortunatrly he has removed the authenticator app from his phone and doesn’t have backup codes.

We are in IPO period and have to make some updates on our cloudflare account today

So could you please help us to reset 2fa login

We already submitted a request to you from the 2fa disable cloudflare web page.

Just to confirm, you still have access to that email account?

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Yes,we have.

We already submitted 2fa lost form to cloudflsre but it says 3-5 business days. We have to solve the problem today because we have to update some records on cf and will activate load balancing service.


I hope you understand that the point of 2FA is to make it impossible for someone without 2FA to get into an account. To nullify the security setting a user set on their account is no small matter.

I’ll escalate this, but you’ll have to be patient. You can’t rush the process by claiming a last minute emergency.

In the future, please make sure your company has controls in place to hold onto the 2FA recovery codes for the admin account.



We were thinking that he was keeping that kind of important things in the backup. From now on, we will do it more secure and safe but we have solve the current issue now.

The email address is in our company domain but it ask recovery code or 2fa code while logging.

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When looking at your most recent request you sent a ticket from not the correct account.

You will need to create a ticket from the correct email address that you are facing 2FA issues with.

You can use this form to create a ticket since you are currently locked out:


Note: You may need to open this URL in incognito if you have a current Cloudflare browser session open.



I have tried to create ticket by above link and received an email from cloudflare but the problem is that its also asking 2fa to confirm and create a ticket

We can see the ticket 3047019 is created successfully, you will need to follow the instructions outlined in the ticket.


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