2FA recovery takes long time

Hi all,

I’ve set up my account long time ago to use 2FA for login. Now, due to a major technical issue, I lost access to the OTP app on my phone (Microsoft Authenticator) and my backupcodes (shame on me). I already mailed to support at Cloudflare dot com and I also received an automatic generated mail asking questions regarding my account. I answered those questions but then nothing else happened. No automatic “we received your answer” or “please wait while we verify your answers” mails.

This all happend on 1st July and since now, no answer from Cloudflare. Is it normal that it takes several days or weeks to recover an account with lost 2FA? I’m also aware that I am a free user but this seems to be an automatic process and I’m wondering that there was no confirmation after my last mail.

Does anyone has made it through this process and can share some experience?
Thank you.

It should take a long time…but maybe not quite this long. And it shouldn’t be an automatic process. What’s the ticket #?

Other services recovered in 2 - 3 days including verification process. Currently it is not urgent to recover access and plan b is to migrate to a new Cloudflare account. But it would be great if I have not to.

Ticket# 1709590

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