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Please help out

I lost my device and I’m now having problems with 2FA on my new device. I emailed support and followed the BOT response to add 2FA verification meta tags to my domains.

Here is the thing:

I have 5 domains on my Cloudflare account. One is the main domain, 3 other domains are permanently redirect to this main domain. I’m unable to connect the 5th domain to a host, because I’m required to login to my Cloudflare account, so I can set up the DNS. Cloudflare is the registrar for all 5 domains.

I was required by support BOT to add 2FA recovery html tags to all my domains. I can only add to the main domain—which I did (3 other domains are permanently redirected to it). I cannot access the 5th domain to add the tag due to Cloudflare DNS issues.

I hope adding the html tag to my main domain will be enough to have 2FA deactivated for my account, PLEASE.

My ticket is #2474538. Please can someone help me escalate it? I need to regain access to my account.

Thank you so much.

I recently lost my device (Samsung galaxy) where I had set up 2FA using fingerprint. On the new device now, I am asked for authentication codes, which I have none.

I have opened a ticket with support via email. It takes forever to get a response from a human.

Please help me escalate my ticket 2474538

I have 5 domains on my Cloudflare Account and I’m the superadmin. I’ve lost access to all of them due to this problem.

Please help out!

Support bot asked me to set up html tag on each of my 5 domains. Three of my domains are permanently redirected to one. The 5th domain is currently not in use. So I did use the html tag on my main domain.

I hope that will help get 2FA deactivated, so I can regain access to my account.

Once you regain access to your account, you might want to download a set of backup codes and store them somewhere safe, such as your password vault, if you use one. Just make sure that the only copy isn’t on the same device as your other 2FA source.


Thank you for your response. I’ll be more careful from now on, I’ve learned my lesson.

But I want to be assured my ticket has been escalated and will be attended to as soon as possible.

Thanks again.

I received a response from support a couple of days ago (approximately the same day from their end, considering our time differences).

“Hi there,

Thanks for contacting Cloudflare support.

I am only able to verify ibloggospel. com and unable to verify iprayhere. com.

Are you able to provide last 4 digit of the credit card or the paypal email address that you are using for the payment? I will escalate the case to review after I can verify iprayhere. com and the payment info.

Best regards,

Grace | Cloudflare Support”

I have 5 domains on Cloudflare (all purchased from Cloudflare registrar). Three of the domains are forwarded to ibloggospel. That leaves us with two active domains. Grace confirmed she was able to verify “ibloggospel”, but not “iprayhere”.

I only discovered I couldn’t access my Cloudflare account from my new phone after I noticed “iprayhere“ was offline. This was caused by SSL issuing problem from Cloudflare. That’s when I attempted to login my account to rectify the problem and then encountered this 2FA challenge.

  1. I added the 2FA verification html tag to iprayhere also, but it can’t be detected because of the SSL problem. This cannot be fixed from my end, since I’ve lost access to my Cloudflare Account.

  2. I provided the last four digits of my card on Cloudflare (which I used to register two new domains on the same account, about two months ago).

  3. Grace was able to verify one of my two active domains. I thought these would be enough to remove 2FA from my account?

If still not enough, I am willing to provide more info to further prove my identity. But support replied just once and hasn’t gotten back to me since then.

I understand I’m a free user, but at least I have all my domains purchased from Cloudflare and I’m not planning to move them any time soon.

My site has been offline for four days now. Please I need 2FA removed so I can access my dashboard and bring my site back online.

Can someone get hands on my ticket #2474538 and update me please?

This is getting past 3days now. My site has been offline for 4days.

This is to acknowledge that this issue is now resolved.

Thanks to Grace, Benedict and every other member of Cloudflare Network who worked together to resolve my problem in time.

I appreciate you all. Keep up the good work! :blush:

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