2FA on pages

I’m unsure if this is an existing feature, but with other services I remember we could add 2FA, password, SMS verification to specific paths of our website.

At the very moment I have an admin panel and a vpn from our business and to those specific paths I only allow that IP address to connect, however, having the 2FA on pages would be appreciated. Perhaps we can already achieve this but I ignore if its possible, can anybody confirm to me whether if its possible or not?

That sounds like “Access”, which puts a login screen in front of specific paths. You can “Bypass” that login from an Access Group that contains your IP address(es). Or “Allow” to permit logins by specific settings, which also includes Access Groups (by email, IP address, tokens, etc).

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This is exactly what I was looking for, thank you @sdayman!

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The best part is that it’s now free for up to 50 users! It used to be limited to 5 before. I’m pretty excited about the bump.