2FA not sending to phone

When I try to log in, I pick the device model of my phone which I have always used. It says dash.cloudflare.com sent a notification to your phone but I never get the notification. It’s been about a year or so since I’ve logged in last. None of the other options work like registering a new phone and scanning the QR code on the PC.

Is my only option to recover my account which sounds like it could take days.

That’s not something we do - you can either configure a TOTP token for 2FA or a hardware key - we don’t send SMS or push notifications for 2FA login to our dashboard. If your account doesn’t have a 2FA device associated, you may be prompted to pass e-mail verification where we send
you a token via e-mail - in which case you need to check your e-mail inbox for that token.

To understand the various options to recover access, take a look here: https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/203471284-Login-and-account-issues

I use to get a prompt on my laptop for a fingerprint. I assume that was the TOTP token. I have the original laptop but the MS account was deleted from it. I assume if I add that same account back to the laptop, it won’t help?

I have not received any prompts for email verification. Is there a way to force that?

I have no backup codes.

For pick a verification option, it shows the model of my Android phone and for manage devices, brings me to a Google device page where it shows my phone as registered.

Is there anything else I can do? Can I update the level of my account so I can get phone support? It seems impossible to get through and again, I can’t log in to update the account.

If you previously had a hardware token registered - you’d need to get that token working again to login or use one of your backup codes to login and then disable that hardware token. If you have permanently lost both, then you can try the recovery option which you’ll see when you are prompted for your tokens - that process does take several days and you’ll need access to a machine from which you’ve previously successfully logged in via.

I have the laptop, but the account profile was removed from it. Is it dependent on the hardware of the laptop or the account? If it is dependent on the account, then I don’t have any devices I’ve logged in to.

Does that mean I’m screwed and won’t ever be able to log back on to my account?

I’ve also tried installing the authenticator app on my phone but the 6 digit key it produces is not accepted by Cloudflare.

If you’ve lost all of your 2FA and backup codes, your only option is to follow the recovery tool that’s linked to after you login, on the 2FA page.

If you’re using hardware keys, when you’re challenged to present your hardware token, click choose another authentication method and then Can't access your 2FA device or backup codes and follow the onscreen instructions. Once you do that, further advice will be provided on screen.

The recovery tool says “Step 2: Verify a device that you have logged in from previously”. I do not have one of those.

If you don’t - proceed through the screens and further advice will be given.

Is that your indirect way of saying I just have to send an email to [email protected]? See the following. That is the only screen with “further advice”.

Device verification failed

Sorry, we don’t recognize this device. Please try again from a device that you have used recently to log into Cloudflare.

If you don’t have access to a verified device, you can email [email protected] directly. If you bypass the automated feature by writing directly to Support, you may incur longer wait times.

Return to Cloudflare

So in this case as the device verification wasn’t successful you would need to follow that instruction. The team will then review but as stated - it can take several days for this to be reviewed and for you to receive manual verification steps. So if you can rediscover your rescue codes or 2FA devices, that will be the best option.