2FA Lock Out and Cloudflare as registrar

I have a paid account with Cloudflare as a CDN and as my registrar. I lost access to my Gmail account because they went to 2-step verification and even though I have a security question and a secondary email on that Gmail account, they will only send a text message code. The phone on file is a landline so it can’t get texts. Now, Cloudflare doesn’t recognize my IP address, so they locked me out–no dashboard access. Support told me to get a new account on Cloudflare and migrate to the new account. So, I got a new paid account. Cloudflare is the registrar on the original account, so I cannot point the nameservers to the new account (because Cloudflare locked me out). I am not only locked out of Cloudflare as a CDN, but locked out of Cloudflare as my registrar. I cannot migrate the old account to the new one. Cloudflare support says they can only talk to the account holder but that is not actually correct. They will only communicate through a single email address (no matter who is emailing them from that address). They will not talk to me, the account holder, despite that the payment for both accounts is being made from my credit card and I can prove who I am. This is my livelihood, my life. As it stands, I will lose access to my domain in less than 90 days because my registrar (Cloudflare) has denied me access, while my CDN (Cloudflare) requires me to have registration access to migrate from the account they locked me out of to a new one. I read that Cloudflare is now the registrar for 13 million domains. I can’t be the only one this has happened to. There are some really great people on here (Cloonan for one). Does anyone have any solution?

I see my colleagues replied on 2566715 a few hours before you posted here and indicated they have escalated your ticket.

I have added a link to this conversation and copied myself on your ticket in order to track progress. Gaining access to that gmail account seems like the most expedient way to resolve this, let the team know on the ticket if you are successful at doing that.

Thank you, Cloonan. If you think gaining access to the Gmail account is possible, I’ll keep trying.

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