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I need to deactivate the 2fa on my account in order to delete the DNSSEC so hostgators servers can recognize the SSL certificates. Cloudflare support has not been good a the communication. If they email me I provide them the info they need and all I receive back are automated responses, and then a closed case. Can anyone tell me a way to resolve this issue. It was recommended to me to open and new account and transfer the domains between accounts, but when I attempt this Clouflare dones’t even recognize its over servers are the problem.

Hi @jay.andersoncp,

I’m not sure what 2FA has to do with DNSSEC, but I guess you are locked out of your account? I’m afraid we can’t help with that, support should be able to, if you provide the required information. The info generally needed can be found in Community Tip - Best Practices For Setting up and Using Two-factor authentication.

As for transferring the domains to a different account, that is an alternative if you can’t regain access to the original one. What exactly is the issue with that?

When attempting to add the domains in the new account its not detecting an ip address since the DNSSEC is enabled therefore it won’t transfer, unless I am attempting the transfer the wrong way.

Hi Jay,

Do you open the ticket recently and still have a number?

Yes, but the system continues to close the ticket. I am not sure if the cloudflare servers are not recognizing the emails or if I am being ignored. Attached are images of all the emails I have either sent and/or responded to!. Please let me know what can be done. Cf-Verify-2fa 1|690x367

I have just opened a new ticket to request the closer of all my accounts. I have gone as far as to email the CEO and send him an email on linkdin

This issue has been going on for more than 2 weeks

You seem to have several tickets open, tickets are prioritised in order of plan level and more tickets about the same issue slow the system down. The community cannot help you with either disabling 2FA or closing your accounts, please wait for a member of staff to respond again here or on your ticket.

I am considering a lawsuit to get this done. It shouldn’t take as long as it has already to get the job done. Furthermore if the system closes out the tickets on its own even though I have responded more than once what am I supposed to do except email again which opens another ticket.

Also the instructions in the support emails are less than helpful. It would be great if there was a step by step to be able to know where to add the verify script.

How you add it is going to depend on a lot of things, no one set of instructions would work for everyone. If you share the details given as to where Cloudflare want the verify txt file, someone here may be able to help you with how to do that.

Hi Jay,

I’m sorry that you have difficulties. I’d tell why the 2fa verification failed and has become more complex to wear off. Here some conditions about your accounts.

  1. You have moved the domain out of your Cloudflare account before cancelling the subscription/billing profile leaving you are still having the billing profile.
  2. You have Cloudflare Workers Worker.dev domain which still active and was not getting deleted even though the script is no longer there. If you still have the login session through Wrangler that would save the day but I believe it is invalidated, isn’t it? If the session is invalidated already then adding the token through Workers.dev won’t be possible.

Because of the reasons above other verification methods would not go through according to our information security policy on rigorous 2fa removal procedure. The only thing would work is to verify based on the billing detail on file.

If you can provide the last 4 digits and the expiry date of your payment method you are using for the subscription tied to this account?

That’s one of the response I saw on your previous ticket. If you can update this detail then we would able to proceed.

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I provided that, and it was after that that the system said it was pending my response, and it said that 3 times even though I responded. I just got another email requesting the last 4 again. Cloudflare|690x369

I’m checking it and let the team lead on current shift to work it on.

Thank you

Also I am still waiting for your team to disable the 2fa on the following domains as well.






For those domains, I see those are under different emails. Please submit 2fa removal email for each affected accounts and let me know the tickets number.

Please reply the questions I asked on the latest ticket response

As I can see they release the 2fa on all of the accounts with the exception the following tickets.


(1966261) NOTE This ticket number is in relation to the jamescerebralpalsy.org domain. The other two are in relation to sjcarpetcleaners and websitebuildingbyjames.com. I have emailed tech support the new ticket numbers as well.

Futhermore, The 2fa I noticed had been released were the tribalelders.com, drumsbyjoe.com, swingloungemusic.com account said the domain had been moved, so I don’t know what account if any that could be under. I also noticed they deleted the domains from the accounts they released the 2fa from. I have no problem with that. The jamescerebralpalsy.org account needs to be release asap as I have a dedicated SSL, and will be geeting charged $5.00 for that one.

We have resolved some of your pain points. We are still working with jamescerebralpalsy.org as we need to check it further. Thank you for your patience.

We have resolved some of your pain points. We are still working with jamescerebralpalsy.org as we need to check it further.

Thank you for your patience.


I’ve removed 2fa as requested please let me know if you need further assistance or something I might missed from your requests.

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I emailed you back yesterday since the system said I had used my limit of replies for the day. I am requesting a refund for the charge of $5.00 for the dedicated SSL of which I was hoping to gain access so I could cancel that subscription before it billed my card. Please start the refund process. I have attached a photo of my bank statement showing the pending hold.