2FA Block #Urgent

I have been locked out my account for over 15h with no response from your support email. I was suddenly blocked with the website asking me for a 2FA - which I did not set up as it was optional. So I am paying to be blocked and stopping me to run my business and at the same time been asked to use something that was optional.

If I am not unblocked instantly I am moving my business away from Cloudflare. I even paid for support which I am not getting; I am unable to set up a 2FA to get into my account when Cloudflare is not sending me emails to do so, and it’s even saying that it will take 3-5 days to unblock it! Which if it is, I am going to ask for a charge back from my Bank as unable to use the product that I paid for. Yes I do receive emails like I did receive an email to activate my account for this forum.

The ticket number is 2466978

Just to clarify, are you saying that MFA has been setup but not by yourself so you don’t know the code or it won’t let you login unless you do setup MFA yourself?

Hi, 2FA has not been setup and could not be setup by anybody else, I meticulously have a password for each website and they are all stored in 1Password. My website is not down, if someone accessed my Cloudflare account it would have been down.

Cloudflare for some reason is asking to enter the 2FA code, I am not receiving any emails from them and neither in the SPAM folder.

It think is they system bugged, why asking for something that I didn’t setup…

Can someone from Cloudflare for God sake help me to go back to my damn account so I can close it? I swear that if I don’t get a bloody response I will dispute the charges made to my credit card.

Assuming you are on the pro plan the response time can be a few days, urgent support is available on Business and Enterprise.

I have escalated your ticket and asked someone to take a look.

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Excuse me, but no. I paid to also have a “median” response time of 4h not 24. And with support I meant to at least unblock my account which your app blocked. I have asked other things, no response given after 3 days and so be it, I don’t care but at least to have my account unblocked…

You should have had a reply on the ticket now so please continue the discussion there.


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