2FA auth token not sending to email

I can’t login to Cloudflare because the auth token is not sending to my email. Being a Pro user, I can’t even request a ticket creation because, it requires me to login first.

This has been going on for a few days now. I did gave it enough time to see if the token eventually gets delivered, but it doesn’t.

I also dropped an email to [email protected] but I have not received any acknowledgement email from that address yet. I have a major SSL issue that needs attention and I can’t even login T_T

Someone can help me expedite this please?

Thank you.


Did you contact [email protected] using the email address you use to log into your account? It’s quite possible you didn’t get a reply yet because of the same email problem that’s stopping the 2FA email.

If you post your domain name here, @cloonan might take a look to see if they’re got your request in the system. Here’s some more 2FA info that includes recovery tips (many of which I’m sure you already tried).

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Thank you for the quick response @sdayman

Yes, I did try to email that address but I have not received any acknowledgement. Which is why I started this thread too. The domain of the email is pokde.net

I have tried sending several emails back and forth to that address and they deliver just fine. Just not getting emails from cloudflare.

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Hi @mmubashar, can you share a ticket number here? I looked at your domain and don’t see any recent tickets and looked at your current email and the one associated with the domain and don’t see any recent tickets. A number would help to track them down. Sorry for the issues.

Hi @cloonan

I can’t create a ticket because to open a ticket, I need to login which requires the authentication token, which is the problem in the first place. I’m using an alternative email for this reason. I tried sending them an email using the email address on record, and while on my side it says it was sent, I didn’t get any acknowledgement email from Cloudflare.

Thank you, I’m really sorry for the issues you’re facing. I don’t see any tickets created under either email address.

I kicked off a ticket using the email on the domain, lmk if that gets to you, ticket 1879151.

Hi @mmubashar, I see Support was able to determine the emails are being rejected by your mail provider, did you receive the communication from them?

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Hi @cloonan indeed, I got the ticket created. it means the ticketing email is working fine. Let’s continue there.


Hi, i’m having the same issue with my account. Every time i try to login i’t says that is an unrecognized IP and send a confirmation to the email, but it never arives. We manage our own domain and there are no blocks in the relay, there are no records of any mail from Cloudflare in the logs. Can you help please?

I am experiencing the EXACT same issue today. I emailed support and the Bot replied that my account is not 2fa enabled. I guess I should bite the bullet and switch to Stackpath. It is more expensive, but the customer service is beyond excellent. I use it for other sites, but I thought Cloudflare was still capable of handling the lower traffic sites. They can, they just have horrible customer service.

Hi user5422,

Looking past at the issue, it seems many people don’t get the email because the email provider reject the 2FA Auth token email. Really Cloudflare cannot do anything here. It’s up to the receiver to decide what they want to do with email. They usually check the IP address to reject email due to that IP might be on a blocklist, which is again not a thing we can control. Due to nature of email, if some people may accidently mark something as spam, or the IP address of outgoing mail servers are being used to send spam(by other user of that same mail provider), then we’re risked losing email as well.

The only way to really avoid this is to use real MFA at first place(an app like Authy/Google Auth)

Also, another work-around is that you should use an email forwarding service that log email (even if it’s detect as spam), so even if the email cannot delivery due to it being reject as spam, they still has a log that they reject that email, and you can read email from that log. One such service is: https://hanami.run and I’m the founder.

But any email service that give you visibility on why and how it reject and email will help you solve this kind of problem in future.

But at this point, it’s late and I think just try to reach out to their support on twitter directly? I think Cloudflare support is usually good enough. They probably has a massive support request to deal with anyway.