2FA app recommendations (not Goog or Authy)

Hi, I am a new user on CF and need to set up 2FA for our team. Can anyone recommend a 2FA authentication app aside from Google Authenticator or Authy (which is no longer supported according to CF tech support.) Privacy is a big concern; that’s why I don’t want to use the Google app. Thank you for the help.

Authy still supports regular TOTP (6 digit) Google format. But I use 1Password.

It looks like LastPass does it as well.

Thanks for the tip. Will check those two out. Much appreciated.

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Fwiw, I decided to go with 2FAS Authenticator (2fas.com). It seems pretty simple to set up and use. And, has generally good ratings in the Apple App store.

The LastPass & 1Password have a lot more functionality that I don’t need at this point.

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Any app supporting TOTP would work.

I’m personally a fan of andOTP:

Thanks for the suggestion!

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