24hr have been passed but my site yet to run

Hi there
I have added nameservers successfully to my site (watchmasterslive.com) almost 24hr ago. Please double-check and run my site as early as possible.
Thank you

Your server certificate has expired more than a month ago. You’ll need to fix that first and talk to your host about that as they need to renew that.

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You renewed your certificate, which is good. Just make sure you renew it whenever it expires.

Now the next question is if you want to use Cloudflare for DNS only or also for proxying. If it is the latter you should make sure your DNS records are proxied (:orange: instead of :grey:) and that your encryption mode is “Full strict”.

Also, make sure your webserver rewrites the IP addresses, otherwise you’ll only have Cloudflare’s addresses in your logs (the search has more on that).

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