#2494964 Unbloxk Domains

Had raised tis request #2494964 16 hours ago and no one has looked into it yet.
We had domain act on two of our servers and they have been terminated since but our other domains are not working .

can someone please look into this.



Thank you for asking and sharing a ticket number.

I’ve escalated this.

Kindly and patiently wait for a reply on it.

What exactly isn’t working? Is there an error page showing when you visit your site or is it in your dashboard?

Can you post a screenshot wherever it is.

Also, what plan are you on?

All the sites are marked as fishing and there is a “request review” button for all domains which does not work on any of the domains.

We tried a lot of things enabling all security features and stuff but none of them seem to have any impact.

We even tried moving sites to a new Cloudflare account but failed there too.

One thing that did work for us moving the site out of Cloudflare and then setting it up directly with a postivie sssl certficate.

Until sometime back we were on Cloudflare Pro Plan. We have some credit left as we consume it we will be subscribing our websites with new plans.

Let us know how to proceed further. Your help is appreciated.

Best Regards,

You should have received an email regarding this from the Trust & Safety team, you should reply to that to follow up with them once you have ensured there is nothing malicious on your site.

If you haven’t had any contact from them then you should email [email protected] to open a ticket with the right team. Neither the community or Cloudflare Support can assist you with this.

Got it Domjh. Your help is truly appreciated. Cheers.

Best Regards,

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