24 hour that Cloudflare is still not activated, but Nameservers changed


my domain nameservers was changed, https://www.whatsmydns.net/#NS/frontsigns.com
But account still is not activated

You changed your DNS with your host and not your registrar. You need to do the latter otherwise Cloudflare can never validate it.

Thanks, I have changed it on registrar side also, but again it’s not showing active. I must to wayt again 24 hours?

Propagation might take 24 hours, most of the time it only takes 30 minutes.

Your domain apparently has all four nameservers. You need to remove the squaresigns nameservers.

dig NS frontsigns.com @e.gtld-servers.net
frontsigns.com.         172800  IN      NS      ns1.squaresigns.com.
frontsigns.com.         172800  IN      NS      ns2.squaresigns.com.
frontsigns.com.         172800  IN      NS      amanda.ns.Cloudflare.com.
frontsigns.com.         172800  IN      NS      trey.ns.Cloudflare.com.

You still have the squaresign nameservers assigned, you need to remove them first. Only the it will validate.

Thank you, I made the changes. But if my site is not in registrar hosting, all will work properly or not?

Assuming you migrated all DNS records it should work just fine.

Thank you very much. all works fine!

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