2365995 - Account Dash Ticket - CNAME ERROR


I do get the CNAME ERROR for the domain that I use to redirect to my Online academy on Teachable. What can I do please?

I already put the clouds from orange to grey, did not work.


Which CNAME error is that? Can you post a screenshot of it?


1014 means that the target your CNAME points to is not properly configured for the hostname you’re trying to add. You’d have to make sure Teachable has what’s probably labeled as a Custom Domain set to respond to the hostname that’s showing the 1014 error.

Yes this is set up correctly :frowning:

I’m not seeing that error at that URL:

However, it happens if you use ‘www’ in front of it.

For that, delete your ‘www’ DNS record and do this instead:

Thank you. I set it up with the redirect and the page rule. Does it work now?

It’s working. You should probably set your CNAME record back to :orange: Proxied.

Thank you! Done :slight_smile:

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