2024 - cf-edge-cache response header is missing!


Hi, I’m getting this warning from within the wordpress Cloudflare plugin dashboard:
cf-edge-cache response header is missing!

APO Automatic Platform Optimization is enabled.

I do understand that I may test with HTTP response header check | Uptrends - there I can not find “cf-edge-cache | cache, platform=wordpress” / that the cf-edge-cache headers confirms the WordPress plugin is installed and enabled.

The Cloudflare plugin for WP says “Please clear any server cache used via other plugins.”

So I cleared the Varnish cache at my Cloudways server - and I do not use any other caching tool - I just deactivated WP Rocket…

I wonder really what to do…

Any help would be great. My site is https://www.trixi.com/

Thank you very much


I forgot to post my system info :slight_smile: - hope it helps

Begin System Info

Site Info

Site URL: https://www.trixi.com
Home URL: https://www.trixi.com
Multisite: No

Hosting Provider

Host: DBH: localhost, SRV: www.trixi.com

Must-Use Plugins (“mu-plugins” directory)

Asset CleanUp Pro: Plugin Filtering: 1.0
Health Check Troubleshooting Mode: 1.9.1
Object Cache Pro (MU): 1.20.2

Active Plugins (“plugins” directory)

Ad Inserter: 2.7.33
Advanced Database Cleaner PRO: 3.2.8
Asset CleanUp Pro: Page Speed Booster:
Broken Link Checker: 2.2.4
Business Reviews Bundle: 1.9.33
Chaty Pro: 3.1.8
Child Theme Configurator: 2.6.6
Cloudflare: 4.12.6
Complianz - Terms and Conditions: 1.2.7
Complianz Privacy Suite (GDPR/CCPA) premium: 7.0.8
Contact Form 7: 5.9.3
Custom Field Suite: 2.6.5
Custom Taxonomy Order: 4.0.0
Data types for Adventure Tours theme: 2.6.0
Easy Table of Contents: 2.0.63
FareHarbor for WordPress: 3.6.9
Font Awesome: 4.4.0
Health Check & Troubleshooting: 1.7.0
MalCare WordPress Security Plugin - Malware Scanner, Cleaner, Security Firewall: 5.53
Rank Math SEO:
Rank Math SEO PRO: 3.0.58
Really Simple SSL Pro: 8.0.0
TranslatePress - Business: 1.3.8
TranslatePress - Multilingual: 2.7.3
URL Shortify: 1.8.4
WooCommerce: 8.7.0
WPBakery Page Builder: 7.5

Inactive Plugins (“plugins” directory)

WP Rocket: 3.15.10

Webserver Configuration

PHP Version: 7.4.33
MySQL Version: 5.5.5
Webserver Info: Apache/2.4.58 (Debian)

PHP Configuration

Memory Limit: 2048M
Upload Max Size: 10M
Post Max Size: 10M
Upload Max Filesize: 10M
Time Limit: 300
Max Input Vars: 2500
Display Errors: N/A

PHP Extensions

cURL: Supported
fsockopen: Supported
SOAP Client: Installed
Suhosin: Not Installed

Session Configuration

Session: Disabled

Asset CleanUp Pro Configuration

Has read “Stripping the fat” text: Yes

Manage in the Dashboard: Yes (direct)
Manage in the Front-end: No
Input Fields Style: Enhanced
Hide WP Files (from managing): Yes
Enable “Test Mode”? No

Minify loaded CSS? No
Minify loaded JS? Yes
Combine loaded CSS? No
Combine loaded JS? No
CSS/JS Storage Directory: /home/576738.cloudwaysapps.com/mtpxmfgypt/public_html/wp-content/cache/asset-cleanup/ (writable)

Disable Emojis (site-wide)? Yes
Disable oEmbed (Embeds) (site-wide)? Yes
Disable Dashicons if Toolbar (top admin bar) is not showing (site-wide)? No
Disable Gutenberg CSS Block Editor (site-wide)? Yes
Disable jQuery Migrate (site-wide)? Yes
Disable Comment Reply (site-wide)? Yes

Remove “Really Simple Discovery (RSD)” link tag? Yes
Remove “Windows Live Writer” link tag? Yes
Remove “REST API” link tag? Yes
Remove Pages/Posts “Shortlink” tag? Yes
Remove “Post’s Relational Links” tag? Yes
Remove “WordPress version” meta tag? Yes
Remove All “generator” meta tags? Yes
Remove Main RSS Feed Link? Yes
Remove Comment RSS Feed Link? Yes

XML-RPC protocol: Enabled (default)