2022/5/12 Workers Runtime Release Notes

Changes this week:

  • Fix R2 bindings saving cache-control under content-language and rendering cache-control under content-language.
  • Fix R2 bindings list without options to use the default list limit instead of never returning any results.
  • Fix R2 bindings which didn’t correctly handle error messages from R2, resulting in “internal error” being thrown. Also fix behavior for get throwing an exception on a non-existent key instead of returning null. R2Error is removed for the time being and will be reinstated at some future time TBD.
  • R2 bindings: if the onlyIf condition results in a precondition failure or a not modified result, the object is returned without a body instead of returning null.
  • R2 bindings: sha1 is removed as an option because it wasn’t actually hooked up to anything. TBD on additional checksum options beyond md5.
  • Added startAfter option to the list() method in the Durable Object storage API.