2021/5/14 Workers Runtime Release Notes

Changes this week:

  • Improve error messages coming from the WebCrypto API.
  • Updated V8: 9.0 → 9.1

Changes in an earlier release:

  • WebCrypto: Implement JWK export for RSA, ECDSA, & ECDH.
  • WebCrypto: Add support for RSA-OAEP
  • WebCrypto: HKDF implemented.
  • Fix recently-introduced backwards clock jumps in Durable Objects.
  • WebCrypto.generateKey(), when asked to generate a key pair with algorithm RSA-PSS, would instead return a key pair using algorithm RSASSA-PKCS1-v1_5. Although the key structure is the same, the signature algorithms differ, and therefore signatures generated using the key would not be accepted by a correct implementation of RSA-PSS, and vice versa. Since this would be a pretty obvious problem, but no one ever reported it to us, we guess that currently no one is using this functionality on Workers.
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How dows it looks with using the MicroMeta DB inside the Workers ?
I signed up weeks ago for this but did not get any email till yet.
Wrote email to the cloudflare worker team and also did not get any reply.

Beside the anoucement there is no other infomration till yet about this functionalitty.

I want to use MicrMeta as fast as possible with Workers !!!

How about KV DB Improvements ?
Fast Cold Key retrieval ? Fast Global KV DB Sync ?