2021-12-10 Workers Runtime Release Notes

Changes this week:

  • Raised the max value size in Durable Object storage from 32 KiB to 128 KiB.
  • AbortSignal.timeout(delay) returns an AbortSignal that will be triggered after the given number of milliseconds.
  • Preview implementations of the new ReadableStream and new WritableStream constructors are available behind the streams_enable_constructors feature flag.
  • crypto.DigestStream is a non-standard extension to the crypto API that supports generating a hash digest from streaming data. The DigestStream itself is a WritableStream that does not retain the data written into it; instead, it generates a digest hash automatically when the flow of data has ended. The same hash algorithms supported by crypto.subtle.digest() are supported by the crypto.DigestStream.
  • The ‘scheduler.wait()’ API provides an awaitable alternative to setTimeout()
  • Fixed bug in deleteAll in Durable Objects containing more than 10000 keys that could sometimes cause incomplete data deletion and/or hangs.