2020 Cloudlinux Upgrade

Good afternoon, we run a server with a couple of hundred separate accounts, and in 2020 there’s going to be an upgrade to a new version of cloudlinux, which will require a server migration, now if all the DNS stuff was on the server it’d be fine because the support people at the place the server is hosted at are going to perform the migration and they’ll update all of the Nameservers/DNS records as they move it, the problem is that the vast majority of these accounts are on cloudflare, so they won’t get updated and won’t be pointing at the right place.

Is there any kind of way to do some kind of account-wide replace of an IP? I imagine there’s no way to get at the database at all. Are there any suggestions for things that might make this less painful?


It’s time to make friends with the API. With some creative scripting, you can:

  1. Get a list of all the zones in your account
  2. Loop through those to get a list of all the DNS records
  3. Check for IP address, and if it’s the old one, execute an update to change it for that DNS record

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