2019/8/22 Workers Release Notes

Changes this week:

  • The instanceof operator now recognizes WebAssembly modules as instances of WebAssembly.Module.
  • Fixed a bug which caused spurious “daemonDown” errors when running workers packaged as apps under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug in ReadableStreams’ Reader.read(), Request/Response.text(), and similar “consume body” functions, which translated disconnections into EOFs.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented origin disconnections from propagating to the client while passively streaming responses with a Content-Length header, and disconnections which occurred in the middle of chunks while passively streaming responses with a Transfer-Encoding: chunked header.
  • The Cache API now throws a helpful error, rather than an “internal error”, when it tries to parse an invalid URL.
  • Fixed a bug which made certain exceptions thrown by Cache.put() uncatchable.
  • Updated V8.
  • Stability improvements.

Did this only apply to workers?

Yes, the disconnect propagation bugfix is a change in behavior that is specific to the Worker runtime.