2019/8/1 Workers Release Notes

Changes this week:

  • KvNamespace.put() now only supports putting strings, ReadableStreams, ArrayBuffers and ArrayBufferViews into KV. In the past, we also allowed arbitrary objects to be put into KV. This relied on JS’s default stringification behavior, however, which was rarely useful, resulting in a proliferation of values such as “[object Object]”. KvNamespace.put() will now throw when attempting to put such arbitrary objects into KV.
  • Updated V8.

At what time was this change pushed UTC(roughly)? I need to monitor two cases.

This went out about 24 hours ago, roughly between 2019-07-31 19:00:00 - 23:00:00 UTC.

Before deploying the change, we determined which scripts might change in behavior and helped the affected customers adapt their scripts. If this changed your script’s behavior, but you received no contact from us, please let me know.



Glad to see that change around KV. I’ve been bitten by the “[object Object]” issue so many times.