2019/7/26 Workers Release Notes

Hi folks! Release notes for the past couple weeks:


KvNamespace.list() :heart_eyes:


Very good but still the workers are counting wrong!
I have 2 test workers which also log accesses.
In my logs I have about 32 accesses (which Cloudflare counts as 64 because there is an OPTIONS request and then a GET request in every CORS request).
Anyway the count for Cloudflare is like 1 thousands hits in 24 hours which is totally wrong.
Every time a GET/POST/PUT/DELETE is received, my worker counts “1”.
Is not possible a so big discrepancy.

Awesome! Thanks so much for knocking that out! It’s the missing piece we needed

The OPTIONS request are optional and created by the client-side, if you already know what request options are available for a specific route, then you can disable it (on the client-side, jQuery/Axios, etc have settings for this). If you use CORS; this is unavoidable and forced by all browsers - in this case, you can use an iframe and postMessage API if you need frequent CORS communication and not cause options requests.

If you read my message, the problem is NOT about the options logging as a normal request, but the worker count per day is like 1300 when my statistics is less than 50 !!! even doubled that would be 100… not a thousand. Now This is below the 100.000 requests so it’s ok… but I wonder why the counter on the page counts thousands!!!

Example (as of this moment):

Requests today


but my own counter shows 82 !!! (with the options request it should read 164 and not 1787!!!)

@coppiarm_cf Hm, I’ve never seen incorrect request counting, so it’s hard to say what’s causing it. What type of content are you serving on the endpoint?