2019/5/10 Release Notes


Changes this week:

  • Major V8 update: 7.4 -> 7.5

  • Fixed a bug where a request with Content-Length: 0 would hang when a zone has multiple Workers in a pipeline (e.g. a Cloudflare App with a Worker, plus a regular zone Worker). Note that requests with no Content-Length at all (as is usually the case with GETs) did not exhibit this problem. The bug was in the open source KJ library, fixed here.


This looks like it has broken workers as since this the site is no longer caching 80%-ish of the site that it once was

@pmeenan would this of broken your script/recipe for wordpress workers?

the site in question is https://TraditionalCookingSchool.com


This could just be a coincidence. Many users have noticed inflated caching figures that finally came back to earth this week:

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