2018/11/29 Workers Runtime Release Notes

New this week:

  • New debugging feature: The devtools (JS console seen during preview) now has a “Network” tab which shows subrequests made by your worker. (This currently appears only on Cloudflareworkers.com, but will also be added to the code editor in the Cloudflare dashboard in the next few days.)
  • When fetch() fails due to the upstream server disconnecting prematurely, we now throw an error that says so, rather than a cryptic “internal error”.
  • fetch() no longer automatically collapses consecutive / characters in the URL path into a singcle /, nor consecutive &s in the query, nor does it any longer strip trailing &s from the query. These modifications were non-standard and were accidental, caused by our URL parsing library trying to be helpful. . and .. components in the path are still evaluated as the standard specifies they should be.
  • Workers KV reads and writes are no longer counted as subrequests. This means they will no longer show up as subrequests in the Workers analytics and they no longer count against the 50-subrequest-per-request limit.
  • V8 updated: 7.1.302.19 -> 7.1.302.25
  • Internal bug fixes.