200TB traffic per month. No video cache is needed. Is free plan ok?

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That traffic is still passing through their network, at the very least contact support and ask about it. It’s a lot of traffic to pretend it being free.

Also, normally you would have to give a little more details. Don’t use the default post when you create a new topic.

Thanks for your relpy and format advice.

200TB traffic is http/https, but there is not any picture or video data which demands cache. In other words, just need cloudflare help forward traffic. Ip is in japan, but our customer are in China.

Actually, we cannot make sure the traffic limit for each plan (e.g.: free plan, pro plan etc.) We have been told that there is not any traffic limit for each plan, so we think it is amazing but impossible.

The issue is never the caching, that can be evicted if there is too much of it, the issue is that if you have 200TB served from a single location it’s ~1 Gbps from a single POP which can be a big percentage of the traffic. If this traffic is non-html content then it’s an easy breach of ToS.

There is no specific limit, but especially on a free plan, if you are creating issues to other users by using a significant percentage of the bandwidth of a location you will get an email… contact support if you don’t want surprises.

You can’t expect everything for free, sending 200TB of traffic from Google Cloud to China is 32k $ a month.

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Thanks for your answer.

We know free plan is not really free. We want to pay for cdn service, however, from official web, we cannot understand which product(free plan, pro plan, or business plan, etc.) would meet our requriement. That’s why we raise the question here.

BTW, 200TB is not from a single location, but we don’t need cache feature of cdn(we know the requriement is special.) Do you have any suggestion which production we should buy for our requriement? We have asked official sales from cloudflare, but don’t get clear answer to help us decide buy it.

If it’s mostly to China it will be, there are not many POPs serving it, the POPs in China are not accessible unless you are an Enterprise customers with a specific license. If sales doesn’t help, I for sure can’t… it seems strange to me, though. Have actually talked with sales?

Yes. But don’t talk to tech. We feel CF products are wired, why we can not pay-as-you-go?

BTW, we only need PoPs in Japan, not in China. So, per my understanding, PoP is not the issue.

Suppose other conditions remain unchanged, if total served traffic is 20TB(NOT 200TB), is free plan OK?


Because Cloudflare plans are fixed prices, if you want to pay-as-you-go there are many more expensive alternatives.

So, 2 POPs for 200 TB, ~500 Mbps per POP which is still significant chuck of the bandwidth there.

As I said already, there isn’t a specific amount. Everything changes depending on a lot of factors. If the 20 TB is spread uniformly, both in time and locations I have seen some, but if it’s extremely bursty with extremely high peaks concentrated in some locations you may have issues. Contact sales, I bet you will need an Enterprise plan.

It’s a safe bet that you would be in violation of Terms of Service section 2.8. Whether or not they notice your violation is another matter, but if they do, they’re likely to kick you out.

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OK. Thanks for your patient reply. It seems that I need disscuss with sales more.

Thanks for your comments. We have to evaluate the risk for each CF productions.

We never think we can always use free plan for ever. We just don’t know what production is suitable for us.

BTW, do you have any advice about production upgrade solution. E.g: if we use free plan or pro plan at low traffic at the beginig, when should we upgrade to next level(e.g.: bussiness or enterprise plan)? Because we can not decide this by taffic per month. That’s always our concern: we never know what kind of plan we should use by official web or sales.

Cloudflare make us feel that we can only do this by “GUESS”.

Other than the extensive features of the Enterprise plan, the lower plans are…not that different. They’re all “unlimited” in their use as long as you’re not abusing the service. Free is a great place to start. Pro and Business just add more nice features. Most people who upgrade do so because they discover they need more Page Rules, or Image Optimization, or Bypass Cache on Cookie, etc.

"but if it’s extremely bursty with extremely high peaks concentrated in some locations you may have issues. "
Hi, you are talking about attack traffic, right?

No, those are of the scope and they are, barring extremely (extremely) large ones you wouldn’t have to worry about them.

If we meet some issues or in violation of Terms of Service, we would recieve email from CF, right?

Probably, but don’t count on it. I believe this is their approach based on severity:
Low: They’ll email you.
Medium: They’ll :grey: that hostname.
High: They’ll shut down your account.

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If my site only includes dynamic generated HTTP content, but doesn’t include any static content(we know the requriement is special), are we in violation of TOS?

I’m sorry, I misunderstood. Your title said no video cache was needed, so I thought you were pushing video, but didn’t need those files cached.

ToS still stands. If those 200TB of data aren’t part of webpage content, you’re risking account termination. For that volume of data, you really need to talk to Sales. You need to have a conversation with Clouflare about your specific requirements.

No. Just don’t include any video data, all traffic are http dynamically generated content. Our client is app, not web. So don’t need cache anything, only need cloudflare to help block something like ddos attack. In other words, only demands security and forward feature of cloudflare. Is that ok?

Is there any update?