200k Random Requests out of no where, only 100-200 unique visitors

I recently got my website hosted on cloudflare, I am using prisma accelarate and nextjs, but the day of the first deployment and the next 2 days with cloudflare, I recievede over 200k requests, with only 100-200 unique visitors in that time, later it stopped but now I am left with a bunch of requests and prisma accelarate requests. How should I fix this? We have already contacted prisma supoort, and they let us know this is a cloudflare issue.

Scraper, bots, crawlers… Anything could cause requests and inflate the request/visitor numbers. Cloudflare will stop some known malicious stuff out of the box but won’t act as a silver bullet against all unwanted visitors.


Thank you for that, It would make sense as after I updated cloudflare to advance security settings the issue did seem to go away. Thank you!


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