~200 Parked Site DNS CNAME Records Leftover from NameCheap

Just moved over to Cloudflare! Things are going… eh, but I think this is more of a NameCheap problem they’re now unable and unwilling to fix.

Forewarning: If it comes across that I’m in way over my head with the following technical terms, you’re 100% correct:

Unfortunately, my domain expired before I could transfer it from NameCheap to Cloudflare, so I had to renew with Namecheap in order to set the Cloudflare DNS nameservers up so that I could transfer to Cloudflare. Bit of a pain.

However, now that I have transferred the domain and everything over to Cloudflare, the parked site CNAME records and everything from NameCheap are still there, so when I visit my site link I’m looking at what looks like an expired domain—looks like NameCheap didn’t bother to set things up again and instead opted to transfer the domain before dealing with the parked site resources.

NameCheap CS is saying I’ll need to get help removing everything from Cloudflare instead, now that they transferred me? One staffmember is still pretty convinced this will sort itself out. I’m not so certain, as there’s ~200 dodgy CNAME records pointing to betting websites etc. which came up through Cloudflare, you name it.

Wondering what my best course of action is here. Can I go ahead and delete everything from the DNS management tab for my domain or is it best to ask Cloudflare if they can do that (not on a business plan though).I host (or hosted) my site from through a VM hosted on the GCloud Platform, so not planning to do hosting through Cloudflare, just the domain and DNS part.

Thanks for taking the time to read this—any advice or suggestions would be very welcome.

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

Cloudflare is like a car rental agency, not a limousine service, so no one at Cloudflare can manage your DNS for you.

If you want to mass delete or edit DNS, you may want to use the API. If you don’t want to write your own script, you might find this one meets your needs.


Hi Jake, sorry if it came across that I was expecting Cloudflare to do it all or presuming a limousine-rental level of service—that was not my intention.

Thanks for the advice and for reading the post.

Sorry, I mean thanks epic.network*
(I must have just pulled the name Jake from that URL link without thinking)

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Before deleting all the records I would export them and filter them out of the dashboard first.
You’ll also have a backup, in case anything goes wrong.
With the backup done, and since you are hosting and have a better knowledge about your site than anyone, probably would be better to delete all the records and start from scratch.


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