20 years hosting & creating sites but... at a loss here

Ive spent on and off registering domain names, creating sites, hosting sites, doing SEO and some online marketing for the last 20 years since yr 1999. So, I do know what to host a site is and of course what to set up a Wordpress, landing page etc is.
I do have a problem in understanding how all this can work cause its the first time I feel I need a CDN (cause Im doing a product launch in september) and Cloudflare asks me to change my DNSs from my own hosting to their own domain names. SO WHERE THE HECK MY SITE, HOMEPAGE, LANDING PAGES, OPTING PAGES ETC WILL BE HOSTED PHISICALY? On my hosting server Site5 or where? Gets critical to understand and know this TO PROCEED.

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Hi @gestacaovital,

Your site will remain hosted on your server with the same provider, Cloudflare just sits between the server and your site visitors. Static files (and other files if you configure it) may be cached at Cloudflare’s datacenters around the world to enable faster delivery to your visitors, however the site will stay on your server.

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Thanks @domjh
Can you explain to me how that happens…? if cloudflare is asking me to change nameservers on my domain name registrar, is because the whole internet will detect my site phisically hosted in Cloudflare domain names. So how is it that cloudflare is in the middle if the DNSs are pointing to Cloudflare?

Theres no participation to my knowledge, of site5.com servers on this, is it?
So how that happens what you say…:? How on earth people can access my real site hosted on site5.com if domain name servers are Cloudflares ones.???.. humm Not that I want to contradict you. Its just that I DONT UNDERSTAND… FU** :wink:

Very welcome any other explanations…

Million thanks

Sure, the nameservers just say where the authoritative DNS for your domain is. By setting your domain to point to Cloudflare’s Nameservers, you are just saying that Cloudflare is the one handling your DNS.

The nameservers don’t say what server the site is hosted on, that’s the job of the DNS records at your provider, in this case Cloudflare.

Essentially, the nameservers say that the DNS is managed at Cloudflare, the DNS at Cloudflare says what server your site is hosted on.

You set your DNS records here to point to the IP address of your server, Cloudflare will proxy this and display their own IPs publicly, but your server IP is there in the Cloudflare DNS section.

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Going to jump in the middle here…appropriate, I guess. @gestacaovital, great questions and the insight from @domjh is really helpful. Here’s a basic discussion from our learning center, proly a bit simplistic but an ok start, https://www.cloudflare.com/learning/what-is-cloudflare/. Because of where Cloudflare sits, between your visitor and your site, we can do a whole lot of optimization around the site that you’d either not do or have to go through a whole lot of pain to perform. Anyway, welcome to Cloudflare & this Community.

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Im really at a losso still. Check the graphic.
If I replace domain name servers 1 and 2 set up now for Site5 on my registrar NameCheap for the ones shown on the graphic attached (cloudflare dns) everything will be fine and all people will be able to access my site hosted at site5, correct?

Nothing else is needed to get people access my site and I will have the advantage of CDN from cloudflare, right?

Let me know


Hi @gestacaovital, the short answer is yes. But, like anything, is best to get familiar with the process before you jump. This post, Expert Tip - Getting Started From the Help Center has links to some of the best getting started resources. The entire body of #Tutorials are just a great resource to get familiar with the first steps and then with some of the more advanced settings.

I think in all those resources there are a couple of good nuggets, first is have the site operational with ssl before you start with cloudflare, makes the security setup a lot easier.

Next, you may want to grey cloud your DNS records while you go through setup to avoid any odd downtime. Click :orange: to turn :grey: and :grey: to turn :orange:.

First what is first. Ill get the SSL working. Hopefully late today friday it will be good or saturday.


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Perfect, we’ll be around if any questions come up.

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