20 seconds to access the website and error 522 using Cloudflare

Hi all,

Since one week my website is really low to access (10 to 30 seconds) and I sometime have error 522.
I am using wordpress 5.0.3, WP rocket and Cloudflare, hosted on a OHV server.

I have contacted the server and everything seems fine.

Could you help me to check the Cloudflare config to find the problem?

Thanks a lot!

How did you establish that?

Whats the domain?


Thanks for the answer. THe domain is https://www.infos-grossesse.fr/ .

I have checked all infra metrics : CPU, SQL, HTTP request and no problem. Plus, the tehnical contact check on his side and the logs and told me that on the server side, everything is ok

What do the logs say when you send a request? Do they show an immediate response to Cloudflare whereas the client receives it delayed?

These issues are in nine out of ten cases server related.

At the moment it appears to load just fine. Also at http://sitemeer.com/#https://www.infos-grossesse.fr, though there was a small delay at the Chinese location where the request took 16 seconds. Only for one check though and that could have been either a network hiccup or your server does not fancy concurrent requests too much.

I don’t have this level of details.

I will come back to them to get more information.

Thanks for your help

Unfortunately these details would be necessary to rule out a server issue. It could be your server reacts fine with a single connection but freaks out when it is hit by more than one concurrently, but thats just speculation right now :slight_smile:

All I can stress for the moment at least, is that these issues are rarely Cloudflare related. Maybe try stressing your server directly (gradually from one to N connections) and check if you can make the issue reproducible.

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