20 Page rules for site using Woocommerce

Hello, i would like some help, as i am searching for days now and i can’t find a full answer.
I would like to use 20 page rules, my website is using woocommerce.

  1. Which are the 20 best page rules for speed and security, but without affecting woocommerce
  2. Which is the correct order of them, as they are 20 and it is not very clear about it and as i have read the correct order is very important.
  3. I tried to cache the whole page with the rule domail.com/* but it causes some problems to the cart and to the checkout page. Then i tried to bypass the cart and the check out pages and put them before the domain.com/*, but i do not know if this makes the website slower. I will totally appreciate a full answer.

Thank you in advance!

It sounds like you’re on a Pro plan. There’s not much else those extra rules will get you, as WooCommerce tends to put a shopping cart on every page.

The problem is that active Shoppers get a cookie, and that customizes every page they visit, making it uncacheable.

But if you’re on a Pro plan, you can use APO for free.

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