20% drop in my Google visits after a massive attack and after implementing CloudFlare




14 days ago, I suffered a massive attack on my website, and I decided to implement CloudFlare after 24 hours of having the website down.

Webpages seem to work ok right now. However, I’ve been suffering a daily drop of my Google Organic Search, cummulated 20% since I did the CloudFlare implementation.

These are the suspicions I’m having:

  • DNS Server Misconfiguration or a Googleblot crawl issue. The Googlebot activity passed from an average of 100,000 pages/day to 400,000+ pages/day in the last few days. The time spent downloading a page passed from 185 msec to 250 msec. I’ve just limited the crawl rate through the ‘Search Console’
  • I’m receiving ramdom daily alerts of 5XX errors which I didn’t have some weeks ago. They are absolutely valid pages, and I have to “Validate Fix” in the Google ‘Search Console’. May be Google considering my website is not relevant now due to such 5XX errors?
  • Can this be an issue of SSL certificates? I had my own SSL certificate (created throuh Let’s Encrypt), and I changed them by a new SSL certificate issued by CloudFlare. Google may be considering there is a conflict between the two certificates.

The number of valid pages and excluded pages keep similar levels.

Any tip or similar experience is welcome. Thank you very much.

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