20%-30% Packet Loss

Traceroutes show that cloudflare-ic-328261-chi-b21.c.telia.net is suffering from 20%-30% packet loss. This has adversely affected quite a few online gaming services. How can I get Cloudflare’s attention about this matter?

Is this still an issue?
If yes, and it was your own online game service you can contact Cloudflare Support. If it’s till an issue and your are a user, you should contact the site / server owners and ask them to check and open a ticket.

As for me, there are currently no issues:

14. cloudflare-ic-328261-chi-b21.c.telia.net 0.0% 225 104.7 99.3 97.2 112.7 2.5

It no longer appears to be an issue. Thank you.

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