2 websites, one set up no problem, 2nd has a totally different dashboard panel


And I am unable to access the dns settings to see what I need to set the namespace to.

One site 1 that I got to work fine, on the Overview tab, it just says “Great news! Cloudflare is now protecting your site!”

But on site 2 when I go to the Overview tab, it has a list of traffic stats.

Why are they different? And how do I access the dns stuff on site 2 like I can with my site 1?

Thank you for any help!


Can you post screenshots of what you mean? You can find things like DNS in the blue tabs along the top…


Here is what site 1 that is working correctly looks like,

Here is what site 2 that is not working looks like,

Totally different stuff on the same tabs for each site.


Overview tab:
Site 1 is what I would expect to see if you have just added your site to CF so no analytics info available. Site 2 has probably been there longer?

DNS tab:
Site 2 appears to be on a partner setup (setup through your host) while site 1 appears to be a full setup (with Cloudflare nameservers.)


Hmm, interesting.

The site 2 though has no data, for some reason it is not set up right.

When I run site 2 in webpagetest.org, the tool says that site 2 does not have any CDN enabled.

Also, the strange thing is, both sites are on the same host. I only have one host.


Probably again due to the fact that it is on a partner setup rather than a full setup.

You probably set one up through them and the other directly with Cloudflare.


I see, that all makes sense. Thank you for all your help.

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