2 TXT fields? Is it messing up Google verification?

Hi! I am setting up my google verification. Now there are 2 TXT records. Do I delete the non google TXT record? I tried verifying the account which is it unable to. Thanks so much!

Domains often have many TXT records. It could just be that your TXT record is not properly filled in. If you post the hostname of the TXT record, we can take a look.

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Thank you.

That’s completely normal. The SPF record is good to have. You may want to double-check you have the correct value in that record with their instructions.

Here’s a similar thread:

I have checked the value in the records. It is correct. Just wondering if it takes awhile for cloudflare to update the records?

If you click on the link I posted, you’ll see that it’s completely propagated, though it looks like you switched the entry to all capital letters. That’s probably not the text Google asked you to add.

I’m sorry, I missed clicking the link. I went through the google process another way, with the creation of an email account. This is the information it gave so I deleted the previous and added this.

If this is all correct, then is it just a matter of time? I am not sure what else I can do at this point.

This is what I see on the DNS checker

That does not look like this:

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