2 srv on one ip

Hi im looking for issue
I have game saver on port 30120 and ts3 server
Im trying to add 2 SRV
how i can add this ?

ts3 server in working on port 9987

Here are instructions for setting up teamspeak - creating a SRV record is more or less the same in Cloudflare just as any other host.


SRV records are resolved by the game client itself, so you will need to find instructions for your game server/game client on the correct setup for your SRV record.

I know how setup srv for my game but its possieble to setup 2srv to one domain ?
I mean bestup.pl:9987 and bestup.pl:30120 ?

Yes, you can have two SRV records for a single domain.

(example records)

I know about that but i need to setup
Mydomain.com to 2 difrents ports
I dont want have 2 subdomains
Its posieble ?

This is on the same subdomain - there are just two different “services” set up on the subdomain. With this configuration, both SRV records can co-exist on that subdomain and both should work.

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