2 sites not showing as transferrable

I have two new sites in my Cloudflare account. Both are .app TLDs, with the domains currently managed through Google Domains. I’d prefer to transfer them to Cloudflare’s registrar as they are the final two domains that will break me free forever from the Google Domain service. Setup both sites, configured the nameservers, and ready to go. But under Cloudflare Registrar they are not listed, so I can’t initiate a transfer.

My best read is that .app TLDs are not supported by Cloudflare at this time. I found the online list of supported TLDs and those coming soon; .app isn’t on either list.

Before I assume that to be the reason and not some dumb user error, I just wanted check and make sure. Is this what’s going on or am I missing something else?

Hi @shadowfax,

That’s correct.

I presume this is the page you were checking:

It is indeed the page. Thanks for the second opinion, just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something.

Guess I’m stuck with Google for a while longer. At least for these two sites.

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