2 Sites Listed with the same URL in my analytics

Weird question however I have noticed I have two sites listed in my website analytics. One is an automatic setup and has an orange cloud and the other says it is a JS snippet and has a grey cloud. Obviously, I’m not understanding how this is related but I know there should only be one. I thought it was from a previous redirect I had from a www. site so didn’t pay much attention to this previously.

Is this because my Google Analytics is set up wrong (and referring two types of stats?) or is this something I need to fix? If I need to fix it, who do I look at first, my host or Cloudflare set up?

Thanks in advance

Hello! Unsure how two sites got created, but simply drop the one with low traffic. I can see that you have two Web Analytics beacon script installed (one automatically and the other one manually), so in order for the beacon script to work correctly, please remove the grey clouded one (bottom one). Since your site is proxied through Cloudflare, you don’t need to install the beacon script yourself unless there’s a reason.

Thanks for your help, I have done that and deleted the script.