2 separate websites on domain and subdomain

I have my site example.com set up as a Site in cloudflare. It’s using the Github integration to deploy the site whenever the repository changes.

Now I want to make a separate site docs.example.com using the same setup and a different repository.

Apparently, Cloudflare can only do this using the Enterprise version?! How can this be, it must be such a common setup, as I’m doing to host documentation on the subdomain.

I added a CNAME from docs to example.com but how can I deploy a second site to example.com? On a VPS setup I would have nginx serve 2 different sites based on the subdomain, but what can I do now that my nameservers are set to Cloudflare for the root domain?

Enterprise is out of the question for my needs,. Is my only option then to stop using Cloudflare entirely?!

Are you describing Cloudflare pages? You would use the same process you used to configure the first custom hostname.

Or are you describing pointing a subdomain to another host? In which case create a DNS entry in the existing zone on cloudflare pointing to your origin wherever it is.

Ah I see. You’re right, the thing I was looking for was Cloudflare Pages and to “Create an application” to go through the same steps as last time. I did that a long time ago and its rather non-obvious how to get back there.

When I was looking around, opening the Workers & Pages dropdown, there did not seem to be anything I need: If there was a section “Pages” or “Applications” I probably would have clicked it. “Overview” didnt register. :brain:

Screenshot 2024-03-30 at 12.39.43 AM

Thanks though!

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