2 provider

I have two providers.
1: domain names provider (mydomainename)
2: website provider. (Mywebsitehost)
I wish I could add my website to Cloudflare.
I do not know how to do it with two providers.
thank you in advance

There are some setup instructions on how to do this. (Hint…you don’t have to do anything at your website provider).

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thank you for your quick response but the scheme that you propose. I know him very well.
But I already have what you propose me is the name domain + the website is hosted by the same provider that points to Cloudflare.
As described I have a domain name that is pointing to Cloudflare.
So how do I go to the new website provider?
thank you

mydomainename.tld -------->Cloudflare
Cloudflare -----------> mywebsite hoster???
How to

one of my domains is at namecheap.
My web host is at green.ch
So to make me understand. I know very well that you are not a host but a CDN.
I just want to understand how to configure.
It’s just that for the first time I have two provider
please can try to understand my question
Otherwise I think it is better to wait until the domain name is transferable in order to have the possibility of Cloudflare protection.
Thank you for the answer.

There is no difference between setting them up when your registrar and host are the same and when they are not.

Just follow the guide that @sdayman posted earlier in the thread.

  • Add your domain to your CF account
  • Change the nameservers at your REGISTRAR to point to the Cloudflare ones
  • Check that the DNS records point to your WEB HOST

And you should be good to go! There is no need to transfer the domain anywhere else.

Thank you for your reply.
I will explain this to my provider and test this new configuration tomorrow. 2 provider and Cloudflare. why not.
Thanks for your help

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