2 of 2 Contact Form Emails Not Sent

Hi there, so this is the case:
GoDaddy Domain and Host, WordPress website, Elementor Contact Form, WP Mail SMTP

  • Before I add website to Cloudflare, contact form emails are sent (including the confirmation email).
  • After website added to Cloudflare, contact form shows “error” after submission message.

WP Mail SMTP recommends its because mail A cord is proxied. Removed mail A cord from proxy and contact form still not sending emails, showing the same error.

DNS records in Cloudflare now are the same as they were on GoDaddy before.

What am I missing?
Why contact form does not send emails after website added to Cloudflare with exact DNS records

Look at image for DNS records present on GoDaddy and now on Cloudflare.

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