2 IP adresses to my website?

My website get a DNS error code 1001.

I have had my website a misshosting and now it shows that i have 2 IP adresses, one going to missdomain and one going to Cloudflare and i havn’t asked to move it to Cloudflare, could anyone help me with this?

According to Misshosting i need a “A record” and I have no idea what that is.

How can i fix this?

May I ask you to share a screenshot of this record?

Recently, I’ve encountered below one (hopefully I’ve reproduced the right one :sweat_smile: ):

May I suggest to look for more information about this error at the link from below:

If the same for your domain, kindly see below post for more information and solution:

In terms of managing DNS records at Cloudflare:


I will look in to this some more, but I can’t see that I have my website on my homepage at Cloudflare. (if you understand me)

In look exactly like the picture you posted

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