2 identical kubernetes hosting servers settings, one is not working

My settings:

A visadb.io
A * (this is wildcard)

SSL: Full
Always use Https: ON
HSTS: Disabled
Authenticated Origin Pulls : OFF
Opportunistic Encryption: ON
Onion Routing: ON
TLS 1.3: Enabled
Certificate Transparency Monitoring: ON
Disable Universal SSL: False

Issue Summary:
I have a server A on AWS hosting an application on domain visadb.io. This application calls an API which is hosted on subdomain visadb-io-gql-server.visadb.io on the same server. Server has its on Letsencrypt SSL certificate for both sub and main domain.

Currently my Cloudflare is set server A and everything is working perfect. No issues.

However, whenever I change my DNS to server B which is on google cloud with exactly same code and setup. Means Application running on visadb.io and calls an API on visadb-io-gql-server.visadb.io. This server also has its on Letsencrypt SSL certificate for main domain and sub domain.

I have a blank search page results. Search page actually calls the API hosting on visadb-io-gql-server-visadb.io - THE ERROR SAYS the request is originating from visadb.io NOT from visadb-io-gql-server-visadb.io.

Very interesting problem and I really have no idea whats wrong here. Server B is my official server and I cannot redirect traffic there because of this problem. Server A is backup and working fine :expressionless:

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks. alot.