2 Host for a primary domain & sub-domain

I’m using a domain that going through CloudFlare and a bit confused on how to set this up.

I have a sales page builder that will be through a sub-domain go dot domainname dot com

I have to have wordpress as the primary domain at domainname dot com or www dot domainname dot com.

Wordpress is through one host, and the funnel builder is being hosted through a SaaS company. The SaaS gave instructions on setting up the sub-domain, how do I go about setting up the primary domain with the www?


If you already have the domain on Cloudflare, you would end up with DNS records that use “A” type IP addresses, or CNAMEs.

Each host should be able to instruct you on what your DNS record should look like.

What do you have working so far?

Thank for you reply.

I have the sub domain working.

Need to figure out the primary. I will check HostGator to see it they have instructions on setting the primary domain.

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Good to know. Since it’s Hostgator, they should have an IP address for your WordPress site. It might even show up in a DNS Settings page in your account.

I’m actually hosting Wordpress on Bluehost but the domain registrar is HostGator. This is what has me mixed up.

So I think I need to assign to BlueHost the domain name registered with HostGator.
Then get the IP address from BlueHost for where the wp is hosted.
Enter that IP into CloudFlare DNS ‘A’ Record or CNAME for www


This is all you need to do.

Thank you!

Enter that IP into CloudFlare DNS ‘A’ Record or CNAME for www

Not in both, correct.

I usually go with “A” records for websites.

Thanks Again, you’ve been a great help!

My hosting is with BlueHost and the name servers are changed to CloudFlare:

NS - dylan.ns.cloudflare.com
NS - zelda.ns.cloudflare.com

The domain name is registed with HostGator.
The name server there is directed to CloudFlare also.

On CloudFlare, I have a CNAME ‘go’ pointing to a SaaS funnel builder.
This will lead to a subdomain primarily use for lead captures & sales.

There are multiple A records on CloudFlare with the same IP address now. I added the www and changed the IP on the other two:

I have * , domainname, and www and pointing to the same IP which belongs to the BlueHost server that WordPress is install for the website on the primary domain

After 4-48hrs will my website be working?

It should be pretty quick. Less than 4 hours.

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